The Flickering Lexicon: Abbreviations
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'ARRY [1]
Mad 'Arry   [1] Job Search 2004 The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004
'BOUT [8]
Don't talk to me 'bout what you done   [1] This Perfect Day 1999 The Marshall Suite
I told you 'bout unseen knowledge   [1] Cowboy Gregori 2010 Bury!
Tell ya 'bout my friends   [4] Frenz 1988 The Frenz Experiment
He said, "John, I guess you wonder 'bout your babies and wife"   [1] Pinball Machine 1989 Seminal Live
I'm talking 'bout love   [1] Psycho Mafia 1978 Early Years 77-79
'CEPT [1]
'Cept for the drama corporation of co-op theatre   [1] One Day 1995 Cerebral Caustic
'chanted by skyscraper tall   [1] Crop-Dust 2001 Are You Are Missing Winner
'CHO [2]
'cho Mafia   [2] Psycho Mafia 1978 Early Years 77-79
'CROSS [1]
You'll hear my words on the winds 'cross the sand   [1] The Legend of Xanadu 1992 Ruby Trax: The NME's Roaring Forty
'DELIC [1]
Send me on a 'delic kick   [1] Mr Pharmacist 1986 Bend Sinister
'EM [20]
Cheat 'em   [12] Cheetham Hill 1996 The Light User Syndrome
I'm gonna tell, I'll tell 'em, their term's up   [1] Last Orders 1977 Short Circuit - Live at the Electric Circus
Never gives 'em out to every Tom, Dick and Harry   [1] Petty (Thief) Lout 1985 This Nation's Saving Grace
Told the women he loved 'em all   [1] Rollin' Dany 1985 Couldn't Get Ahead
This cat'd fool 'em all   [1] Rollin' Dany 1985 Couldn't Get Ahead
But if you loved ya woman and ya loved 'em right   [1] Rollin' Dany 1985 Couldn't Get Ahead
Get 'em away from me   [3] Solicitor in Studio 1982 Room to Live (Undilutable Slang Truth!)
[Used to 'ground] medicine   [3] Underground Medecin 1979 Live at the Witch Trials
'N' [3]
U.S. dirge, rock 'n' pop filth   [1] C'n'C-S Mithering 1980 Grotesque (After The Gramme)
First was Cash 'n' Carry house dance   [1] C'n'C Black Night 1982 The Fall Box Set 1976-2007
First was Cash 'n' Carry house dance   [1] Cash and Carry 1982 A Part of American Therein
'NEATH [1]
A body's waste 'neath a gibbous moon   [1] Van Plague? 1988 I Am Kurious Oranj
'POOL [1]
His ferry stopped at the 'Pool port   [1] Garden 1983 Perverted by Language
'Tricity of the faith   [1] Devolute (Testa Rossa Monitor Mix) 2000 The Unutterable (2008 reissue)
'tricity and faith, three years solid for evasion   [1] Devolute 2000 The Unutterable
-AH [2]
And I look -ah, I look -ah, I look around   [2] Ol' Gang 1997 Levitate