Junger Cloth


Auto Chip 2014-2016

Kill Your Sons

Venice with the Girls

Bam (Student Village)see First One Today

Louie Louie

Walk Like a Man

Ben’s Instrumental

Mansion – instrumental version of To Nkroachment: Yarbles

Weirdo – see Instrum Two aka Two

Black Roof

No Respects – instrumental preview of No Respects Rev

Werewolves of London

Blue Christmas

Not Right

Where’s The F*cking Taxi, C*nt?

Brand New Cadillac


Bumblebee see Dedication Not Medication

Pearson’s Revenge

Christmastide – revised version of Xmas With Simon


Classical Gas


Cock in my Pocket

Powder Kex (remix of Powder Keg)


Quit iPhone

Crackhouse [aka The House That Crack Built]

Remainderer R


Dedication Not Medication

Rubber – see Instrum One

Dropout Boogie



Stars on 45 (aka I’m Into CB medley)

First One Today

Stout Man

Free Ranger

Symbol of Mordgan

Gone to Venicesee  Venice with the Girls


Green-Eyed Snorkel (version, Green-Eyed Loco Man)

Ten Points

Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe

The Bad Stuff

Hungry Freaks, Daddy

The Boss

I’m Ronny The Oney

The Funeral Mix


Instrum One

The Love Between


Instrum Two aka Two

The Re-Mixer


Instrumental Outtake

Tragic Days


Jack the Ripper



Jap Kid – instrumental version of I Come and Stand at Your Door



Jet Boy



Jumper Clown